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So either you're getting ready to head to the DR on a missions trip, or you've just gotten back and are wondering, "What's next?" These external websites are for you. 





  • The official Dominican Republic  embassy website: General introduction to the country, the people, the economy, etc.

  • Wikipedia: Encyclopedia style article about the DR's history. Very helpful for understanding the people!

  • The Colonial Zone: An American expatriate offers perspective on Dominican customs and culture. 

  • DR1: English news service concerning the DR, vacation travel, laws, and idiosyncrasies. Their forums are very useful.



You don't have to know Spanish, but in case you want to brush up, here are some good resources.

  • A better dictionary than Google Translate. Provides context and regionalisms. 

  • The Colonial Zone: An American expatriate offers a dictionary of Dominican pronunciation and slang. (Tasteful, but user discretion advised.)

  • Run a search for basic Spanish lessons or Dominicanisms, and see what you find!





These sites will help you follow up on your mission experience.

  • Intro to a 15-week course about God's plan to bless the world through His people and the Great Commision.

  • Guidance and resources for getting involved in the nations

  • thejoshuaproject: Demographics and statistics for unreached people groups.

  • Operation World: A definitive prayer guide for every nation of the world.



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