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Outreaches are a huge part of ministry with Casa Grande, and this is where you come in! We partner with local pastors to find a group of people to encourage, then we pack up our evangelism truck and pile into the bus. This is where we take the gospel to the streets, schools, and churches, presenting it through clowns, puppets, dramas, songs, testimonies, and sermons that your and your group bring to share. We get people smiling, get their attention, and then talk to them about the love of God. Whatever your gifts are, we can use them!


There is an openness to the gospel in this country that allows us to share the gospel in ways that would never work in the US, in places we would never be allowed. This is a time of harvest for this Latin American country!


Through outreaches you will meet the people of the Dominican Republic, connect with their hearts and their needs, and experience the joy of sharing the hope that is within you. 


Check out our FAQ here to find out more, or if you're looking for specifics about preparing for outreaches, download the PDF here!

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