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Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a 15-week course designed to mobilize the local church to live missionally, regardless of where they serve. It talks about God's purpose: to use His people to bless the world so that He receives all the glory, starting with Abraham and moving through history to the present day. Taking this course does change your perspective on the Great Commission, and has launched many into ministry, whether going, sending, partnering, or welcoming!


For several years we have been praying about and pursuing any open door that could lead to our partnership with Perspectives, to bring this course to the Dominican Republic and make it available to pastors of local churches and foreign missionaries alike to expand the impact of ministry in this country as well. This course offers a practical "what's next" for individuals or churches who want to serve God in a relevant, strategic sense. We're hoping to offer our first official class in 2016!


We highly recommend this course both for those who want to pursue further training after coming back from a trip to the Dominican Republic or for those who have been in ministry for years and years. Check out their website,, to find a course near you or register for an online session, or talk to us to find out about sponsoring scholarships or helping the course get off the ground here in the DR.


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